What I Accomplished in my 25th Year

Today's my 26th birthday. A lot has changed over the past year (or few years), so I think it's worth reflecting on and sharing. Years 22-24 were pretty rough (as were 17-22, but in a different way). I was living 14 hours away from home for the first time, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't happy with my career and my fiance was diagnosed with a chronic illness. I refer to what I went through as my "quarter-life crisis," but I'm honestly thankful for it. All the anxiety, sleepless nights and introspection helped me figure out what I wanted out of life. I'm still figuring it out, but I think a major turning point was learning to stop comparing where I was in life to where others are and start carving out my own path.

I was bitter for a long time that other people my age had parents who could pay for their college education, could afford to buy a house at 23, have extravagant vacations + weddings, etc. However, I've come to terms with the fact that I won't be doing those things any time soon. I'm truly happy building my business and just having the opportunity to do what I love. Plus, not having the easiest childhood and having to work for everything has taught me invaluable lessons.

Anyway, I've accomplished a lot of great things in my 25th year and some interesting things since I've graduated from college. I like to focus on the positive, no matter how little, so some of these might seem silly. The list is in no way all-inclusive, but it's a fun way to remember this past year. So much has happened and changed.

Things I've accomplished/changed/tried in my 25th year:
  1. Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  2. Found a way to combine all of the things I love into a career: helping others, being creative, working with websites, health + wellness, marketing and writing
  3. Launched my coaching business I've been freelancing for many, many years, but I finally launched a business and started taking more clients.
  4. Tried therapy / life coaching and embraced a few self-help books I had been against it all for so long, but it's truly helped me let go of certain things in the past and really start focusing on my goals.
  5. Traveled many places in the US (Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, all over PA)
  6. Swallowed my fear of heights and climbed to the top of a lighthouse (I love lighthouses)
  7. Became an aunt twice!
  8. Got published on MindBodyGreen (many times)
  9. Fell in love with yoga
  10. Saw my favorite band (Third Eye Blind) for the 3rd time
  11. Spent time learning about myself + my heritage
  12. Finally started working out kind of consistently (I almost have abs showing...that's a big accomplishment for me)


Things I've accomplished since graduating college (in 2010):
  1. Had my writing published on many blogs, either under my name or as a ghost writer
  2. Flew in a plane for the first time, then flew all over the country many, many times
  3. Was in a commercial and several ad campaigns (not even embarrassed by that "Merry Christmas Ya'll" picture)
  4. Saved animals and volunteered with many animal organizations
  5. Continued my education
  6. Improved my diet and learned natural healing methods
  7. More than doubled my income (from my first "real" job)
  8. Moved to the beach, which was always a dream of mine
  9. Got engaged


To celebrate my 26th birthday, I'm trying paddle boarding for the first time, exploring a new town and spending time with friends.


When was the last time you tried something for the first time?



Your turn!

Have you accomplished something you never thought you would? Brag it up in the comments! Name some fun things you've experienced this year.