4 Social Media Tips You Should Already Be Following

Just a quick post today, guys. I get really into providing super longs lists with as many resources as I can find (because I love sharing), but bite sized chunks are probably more helpful. Instead of bookmarking this or pinning it for later, implement 2 of these tips this week. If you're already doing all of them? Great! Share this with someone who isn't.


Limit your hashtags to one or two at the end of a post. It may be tempting to fit as many as you can to reach potential groups, but it will clutter your post.

Pinterest + Facebook

Use Picmonkey to create beautiful title images. This will draw more attention than a plain photo. Limit your text to 20% of the image on Facebook if you plan to boost the post.

What does my face (above) have to do with social media tips? I used Picmonkey to create the title image. (Good excuse to use the photo I was already editing, right?)


Add new hashtags to old photos to give them an extra boost. You can use more hashtags here than twitter, so try them out!

Scheduling on Twitter

Have 10 articles you'd love to share? Spread them out throughout the day using scheduling software like Hootsuite. You'll reach a wider variety of people + won't overwhelm your followers.


What are your favorite simple social media tips?


Danielle Zeigler

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