What's in My Shopping Cart? + $10 off VitaCost Order for New Users

I'm always interested in others' favorite non-toxic and healthy items. Some brands just don't compete with the "regular" items, so it can take a lot of trial and error. That can be frustrating because these things can be expensive! Reasons I love VitaCost:

  • much cheaper than buying in the store
  • frequent promotions to save even more money
  • tons of options
  • honest reviews are helpful
  • cash back from ShopAtHome.com (usually 4%-6%)
  • free 2-3 day shipping over $49
  • accepts PayPal

Here are my favorite items to buy from VitaCost:

Bath + Body Products

Female Deodorant

I'm pretty sure I've tried every kind of "natural" deodorant out there. Everything from Tom's to Primal Pit Paste to homemade. My favorites are the Crystal Essence and homemade.

crystal essence

Male Deodorant

My fiance is a big fan of the Every Man Jack brand for just about everything they sell.

every man jack

Body Wash

jason body wash

Laundry Detergent + Dryer Sheets

We usually grab a few bottles from Trader Joe's whenever we happen upon one (the closest is nearly 3 hours away, so that's not often.) When we run out, I order various kinds from VitaCost. They've all seemed fine so far! We use dryer sheets because they work best to get rid of cat fur.

This is what we have right now:

laundry liquid dryer sheets

Dishwasher Tabs

The effectiveness of these will mostly depend on your dishwasher. I've had varying luck. But here's what I use currently:


Face Moisturizer

I used this kind of about a year and love it. I recently switch over to the Bare minerals Dry Skin cream for the winter, but will probably go back to this for the summer.

face lotion

Self-Tanning Lotion

So this might not be the best thing I lather on my face and body, but it evens out my skin tone and allows me to go without makeup some days.

sunless tanner

Stevia Extract

I used this while slowly cutting back on sugar.

stevia drops


I take magnesium and vitamin D3 regularly. Finding quality supplements can be hard, but VitaCost has a lot of good ones! Their own brand is fairly cheap and has been good quality so far.



VitaCost has great deals on teas. You usually have to buy in quantities of at least 2, but I'm not complaining!


Pet Care

This pet stain & odor remover is the best I've found, and I like that it's nontoxic.

pet stain remover


VitaCost Deals

vitacost promo

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What will you stock up on?

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*This is not a sponsored post. I just love saving money online and love sharing how I do so! There are referral rewards, however, for both ShopAtHome and VitaCost for any new members who sign up.


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